It’s Been A While…

Wow y’all – how is it already 2021 and almost February?! Time has really flown by the last year.

I restarted my blog last May, with every intention of keeping up with it this time (I had a blog during my first two years of college, but I got too busy to keep up with it). Clearly, I did not succeed in keeping up with it, so here we are, starting again!

I only managed to get one blog post up last time I started, but since then, a lot of things have happened – both good and bad! Let me try to get you caught up.

In June, we moved to a house in one of the suburbs of Greenville. It still needs a lot of decorating and organizing, so I will definitely be sharing a lot of home decor and organization.

In July, we got a sweet 7-week-old German Shepherd. Her name is Stella! She was 7 pounds when we got her, and now she is 7 months old and weighs 50 pounds! She’s precious, so there will be lots of Stella and dog content. The same weekend we got Stella, we also bought an RV, so get ready for RV and travel content too!

We spent a ton of time at the lake over the summer. Stella loves the boat and exploring at the lake house. My mom and I even learned to swivel ski! If we get really good then I’ll share some photos and videos of that!

In August, we went on our first RV trip with Stella. We went to Road Atlanta to see the street bike races – what a cool experience!

In September and October, I got to decorate my own house for fall, and I had a blast doing it! Ace will tell you that we had too many pumpkins, but I think we might need some more next year. Decorating is something I’ve always loved doing, so get ready for lots of fall decor later this year!

In November, Ace and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary. We also took another RV trip – this time to Myrtle Beach! We had such a great time at the beach with Stella, and we even got to do a deep-sea fishing trip. We then spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta with my parents and brothers. I also got a new car for Christmas while we were in Atlanta!

In December, we had a blast decorating the house for Christmas! It was a super busy month between working and Christmas shopping and trying to keep the house clean! Right before Christmas, our world got turned upside down. Ace was at a gun range looking at guns when somebody mishandled his gun and shot himself and Ace. We were so thankful he was able to get out of the hospital and be home for Christmas. We are also extremely thankful he was not injured worse and will be able to fully recover. We spent New Year’s Eve in Atlanta at my parents’ house, and then got to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her on New Year’s Day!

Well, I think that about sums up the second half of my 2020. It’s now almost the end of January, and I finally feel like I’m getting myself organized and back into the swing of things after taking so much time off of work for the holidays. I am excited for all that this year has in store, and I know it’s going to be better than 2020! Cheers to 2021, y’all!

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