A case even Sherlock Holmes can’t crack

I’m a pretty uncoordinated and klutzy person, so I’ve always used an OtterBox case to protect my phone. I drop my phone at least three times a day, but never once have I cracked a screen! I loved my OtterBox case, but because I had it on my phone for so long, it started to loosen up. I was also getting kind of tired of how bulky the case was. It never quite fit in my pocket right, and it was always difficult to hold my phone if I had other things in my hands.

Last week, Spigen Cases sent me the Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 5S. I have a white iPhone, so I got the Crystal Clear case, but it also comes in Black and Metal Slate. I was skeptical about this case at first because there is no screen protector that comes with the case. When I took it out of the box, it seemed like just another cheap rubber case that wasn’t going to protect my phone. Despite all of my doubts, I switched out my OtterBox for the Spigen case.

Not even an hour after I had put my new case on, I proceeded to drop my phone – screen down. Anxiously I picked up my phone, expecting to have a cracked screen, but to my surprise, my screen was fine! The case has air cushioned corners that help protect your phone when it falls, and each corner has an additional lip on both the front and back of the phone in order to provide more protection when the phone is dropped – especially when it’s screen side down!!

I’m definitely going to keep using this case because I love how sleek it looks and how much protection it gives my phone. It’s definitely a lot less bulky than my OtterBox case and so much easier to carry. Thanks Spigen!




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