On April 16, 2016, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 destroyed Ecuador. This is Ecuador’s worst earthquake since 1987. The death toll has risen to 654. Over 12,000 people were injured, and 58 are still missing. Almost 7,000 buildings were destroyed, and 24,000 people are currently living in shelters. The three towns that were hit the hardest are Manta, Portoviejo and Pedernales.

Manta is a city that is extremely close to my heart. We have family friends, that are like family to us, who are from Manta. Two of the three daughters of this family were nannies for my brothers and me when were little, and they played just as large of a role in raising and shaping us as my parents did. Their mom spends half of the year in the United States and the other half in her home town of Manta. She was in Manta when the earthquake hit. She was out of power and water for a few days, but once she got power back, we heard from her, and she said she is fine. Unfortunately, not everyone has been this lucky.

President Rafael Correa said the quake caused $3 billion in damage and everyone knows that the reconstruction effort will take years. Ecuador needs our help! I challenge you all to participate in the #giveme5forecuador challenge by donating $5 and passing it on and challenging 5 friends to donate $5 and pass it on. The donations can be made on this website:



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