The Perfect Accessory

I still can’t get over how gorgeous this necklace is from Kelli Ames!! It has become a staple in my wardrobe because it is such a great accessory that goes with any outfit. You can dress an outfit up with it, or you can pair it with a casual outfit! I wore it on a rainy Tuesday just

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A case even Sherlock Holmes can’t crack

I’m a pretty uncoordinated and klutzy person, so I’ve always used an OtterBox case to protect my phone. I drop my phone at least three times a day, but never once have I cracked a screen! I loved my OtterBox case, but because I had it on my phone for so long, it started to loosen up. I was also getting kind of tired of how bulky the case was. It never quite fit in my pocket right, and it was always difficult to hold my phone if I had other things in my hands.

Last week, Spigen Cases sent me the Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 5S. I have a white iPhone, so I got the Crystal Clear case, but it also comes in Black and Metal Slate. I was skeptical about this case at first because there is no screen protector that comes with the case. When I took it out of the box, it seemed like just another cheap rubber case that wasn’t going to protect my phone. Despite all of my doubts, I switched out my OtterBox for the Spigen case.

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